About Paramedical & Healthcare Sector

India’s Health Sector is facing major crisis for Para Medical Staff at each & every level and State Government also do not have any sufficient manpower to work and support as paramedical assistant/ staff. Appropriate skills need to be developed to bridge the gap between the skills currently possessed by individuals and the skills that […]

What Is Bvoc?

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Bvoc is a bachelor’s degree with a duration of 3 years. There are various areas in which you can do Bvoc. For example Management, IT, Finance, Design, Healthcare, etc. What are the Benefits of Bvoc or Bachelor of Vocation Get Practical Knowledge: – In Bvoc you have to study theory in the morning and go […]

BSc in X Ray and Radiography Technology

B.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology or BSc in X Ray & Radiography technology is a captivating field that combines science, technology, and healthcare. It focuses on creating high-quality images of the human body for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Here are the key points about this program. Students learn about various imaging techniques, including X-rays, CT scans, […]


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Bvoc DMLT course, or Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, is a comprehensive program that trains individuals to become as clinical biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, and pathology. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical laboratory skills, covering sample collection, analysis, and result interpretation. Graduates of DMLT play a crucial role in healthcare settings, skilled laboratory technicians in […]

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